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The Wild One, Eireann's Tale.

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Eireann's world shattered the day the Witch King destroyed her village in the Wild Isles. For her and her younger sister, the last few years have been a struggle to survive. Thinking marriage to a mechant from the minaland will help, she boards a ship which is captured by raiders. Worse, the raiders fall prey to Northmen, the most feared warriors ever known. And one of the them wantes her for his own. Fiery Eireaan would rather fight and die than submit, even if he’s got a body to die for!

When the Northman, Fridgeir, first spots the red-haired vixen half-naked and tied to a post, his heart pounds with more than just battle lust. He must possess the wild woman, even if it means braving her teeth! Can he tame her and claim more than just her body for his own in a world filled with danger and death?

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