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The Wild One, Eireann's tale - Torrid Press Top seller
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Wolfman's World

Wolfman Apocalypse

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Blood Hunter

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Soul Bound, Aftermath
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Blind Passion, a Wolfman Tale

Two randy young wolfmen want my burrow -- and me. And they aren't planning to take no for answer!


The world fell apart after a virus killed billions, and turned most male survivors into violent wolfmen. Five of us, my family, found refuge in an abandoned bomb shelter. Over the last three years I've lost them all. Now I'm trapped here. Alone.

Food stores running low, I resolved I would not die down here in the stark silence of my burrow. I know there are dangers outside: wild animals, fatal injuries, and worst of all, the beasts that had once been men. Wild, feral creatures infected with a virus that turns normal men into half animal beasts.

But I needed to feel the sun on my face, hear the whispers of the wind as it caresses my skin. To smell the earth, the flowers, the freshness after it rains. To know life goes on outside my isolated tomb. It was worth the risk of a horrid death for even one hour of such ecstasy.

I never imagined coming face to face with two young beasts. They want my burrow -- and me. And they aren't planning to take no for an answer. It would seem my loneliness has ended. At least until they realize what a burden I will be. In a world where only the strongest survive, I'm excess baggage. Unless I can convince them otherwise.

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Wolfman 3: Judgement

Coming soon to  Changeling Press

The course of true love never runs smooth. For Daniel and Mace it runs red with a river of blood…


The world fell apart after a virus killed billions. Those men who didn't die... changed. The media called it Werewolf Syndrome. Life as we knew it pretty much ended. Those of us scrounging for survival in the post-apocalyptic devastation have once chance left -- learn to work together, or face extinction.

It wasn’t much of a choice. Return to Mace’s den with him, or stay here, alone, with the women -- and the most bigoted redneck in the world. I didn’t count on getting attacked by rabids -- violent, crazy rabids -- or rescuing two slightly less crazy wolfmen and a blind woman. Or ending up back at my mother’s compound.

My mother’s a surgeon. With any luck she’ll be able to save Derek. And convince our two factions not to kill one another. And maybe -- just maybe -- find some common ground between us that offers some hope for the future. Because where Mace is concerned, I kind of like the idea of us staying alive…

Work in Progress

Blind Devotion, Wolftales 2!  Coming this summer.  Check back for updates.

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