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Viking Seduction series

Blood Hunter, Book 2

Boytoy for a sexy blond vampire? No way. This cop has a job: find his daughter, hunt vamps...

I'm a cop. Homicide Detective Pasquale O'Grady. So believe me when I tell you, vampires took my daughter -- along with other missing collage kids. Real vampires, not the Goth wanna-be kind. I even know which one. But the bastard went and got himself dead before Icould track him down.

With my leads gone, my only hope is his killer. I knew convincing another bloodsucker to help me was a long shot. I hadn't counted on his sexy blonde sister who wants me in her bed. It's not that I have something against sex, hell, what man with a pulse would? And since my divorce, I haven't exactly been getting much action. But I'm too damn old to be some Viking Vampire's boytoy -- or worse, blood slave -- no matter how sexy.

Viking Seduction 2: Blood Hunter  coming soon to Changeling press

Blood Slave, book 1

It's the twenty-first century. Who keeps slaves anymore? Other than really, really old vampires...
Dekker lived and died as Viking.  Now nearly a thousand years old, the vampire lives the quiet life of a writer.  Until he meets Kierra, the tawny colored woman he can't stay away from.  When an old enimey snatches Kierra , he'll do what ever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means turning her into his blood slave.

Kierra's been trying to get Dekker's attention since they first met. His Nordic good looks and old world charm send shivers of heat straight through her every time she sees him.

An invitation to a vampire-themed rave seems like just the thing to help him see her as more than a friend -- until she discovers it's not just a theme. And now she's tangled up in a world she thought only existed in romance novels -- only these vampires are far from hunky knights in shining armor.

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TRS gives Blood Slave four hearts! 

"This is an enjoyable and spicy story of vampires created by Brannan Black. The main character Dekker is off-the-charts sexy, at times light hearted, at other times violent and has a secret which will surprise you. The sexual chemistry between Dekker and Kierra is explosive and will have you wanting more."
Overall rating: Sensuality rating: Explicit Reviewer: Michele October 27, 2010

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Soul Seer Series.

Soul Bound, book 1

Soul Seer: A true immortal. Six hundred years ago, a sorcerer captured Raven. She's been his prisoner ever since. Although she can't die, she can suffer. Transported to the new world in an iron coffin, she lies buried and forgotten for nearly two hundred years -- until a construction crew digs her up and inadvertently sets her free. Starving, lost and lone, Raven staggers through a strange city filled with wagons that have no team, lights without fire -- and then there's the clothes. What exactly is the point of a thong anyway? Or shoes that hurt her feet and make her totter around like a drunken barbarian at Midsummer's festival?

Mercenaries for Hire: The vampire Ilario and his werewolf companion Wulf are partners in every sense of the word. Wulf likes variety in his bed and Ilario will do whatever it takes to keep his mate happy, even if it means tapping a female now and then. But this latest woman brings far more trouble than expected. Can they claim Raven for their own -- before she gets them all killed?

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Soul Bound, Aftermath, book 1.2. 

A free read at Changeling Press.  How do three different people cope with one partners nightmares.  And sharing a shower.
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